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Vityaz MZ-34

Vityaz  MZ-34 Powerfull


Vityaz MZ-34  is a versatile Paramotor.you can use it For Single flight and Tandom flight or even for flying with a Tortilla PL2 Trike. This is an ideal Paramotor for the huge pilot.Great Safety characteristics.




Zanzottera  Mz34
Power, hp 30
Maximal thrust, kG 85.90
Ceiling, m 4000
Engine rotation rate, max rpm 6450
Propeller diameter, mm 1240
Weight, kg 27 Full Tank
Fuel The Regular (95) fuel with synthetic oil added
Fuel tank capacity, l 7-10...
Fuel consumption, l/h 3...5
Max takeoff weight, kg 190.220
Recommended wing Tango-Tango Tandom - Acrobat - Zorro-Zorro Tandom